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Using Home-Grown Tomatoes: Roast Tomato Sauce

Having planted 12 tomato plants this year in grow bags and ring culture pots around my garden, I’ve been picking a lot of tomatoes recently. The two main varieties I’ve grown are Gardener’s Delight and Moneymaker. The former provides loads of large … Continue reading

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Red Onion Marmalade

Last year I made my first ever foray into preserving, with a rather nice caramelised red onion chutney. I say “rather nice”, but at the time (a month after I made it) I wasn’t totally convinced. My daughter and her … Continue reading

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The very next day.

Two days in a row – this is a new personal best! Yup, I’ve been back to the allotment and pulled more weeds, tied up some tomatoes and taken some photos of things I spotted. First, having weeded the area … Continue reading

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How Not to do an Allotment Part 2

If you haven’t read and ignored all my instructions from part one, then go back and read it immediately. You’re not remotely unprepared enough to fail at allotmenteering. If, however, you’ve been there and not done that, read on. June … Continue reading

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Stuff in my Garden

Ahead of splitting up my growing collection of plant life between family and allotment, I wandered round the garden this morning with camera in hand. Some things, in particular, I wanted to document, in an attempt not to do things … Continue reading

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January Garden/Allotment Stuff

I’ve been busy growing things this month: hoping that stuff won’t get too tall and spindly before I can get it planted. I haven’t really grown much from seed before, although I’ve brought on plenty of young plants I’ve been … Continue reading

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Recycled Tin Can Tea Light Holders / Grow House Heaters

As is so often the case, I forgot to put the bin out today.  It didn’t especially matter because it is the recycling collection week and I’ve been trying to generate less of that lately.  I’m saving milk bottles to … Continue reading

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