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Assorted Small Brown Birds

They are not all the same breed but they act as a group. Earlier this morning they all came in at once and started pinging round the garden, like muted but unruly tennis balls. There were about 20 birds in this little … Continue reading

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The books that made me.

Ever since I was old enough to read, I have done so enthusiastically and with the hunger of someone for whom there will never be enough words. I was one of those annoying children who could read before they started … Continue reading

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Publish and be damned.

This post has gone in and out of the trash folder a couple of times since I wrote it, but seeing figures today on food bank use has made up my mind for me, hence the title. It is understandable … Continue reading

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Stupid Brian

I will never be an inventor of things. That’s unfortunate, since from a very young age I read about Leonardo da Vinci and marvelled at the innovation of others and desperately wished to be able to create things.

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Digression: I Am From

This isn’t the sort of thing I will usually do, but it’s to help out a good friend who teaches people important stuff and thought this old meme might be useful as part of a lesson plan. Normal service will … Continue reading

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