Small Things

My sister sent me some photos of a couple of hedgehogs she and the kids saw tonight, near their house, and says I can use them here. I have never seen ‘my’ hedgehog early enough to get anything but the grainiest shots. He’s much larger, I’m assuming these are younger ones.

My niece wanted to sing them a song and my nephew wanted to perform a dance for them. Disney has much for which to answer. They were told to be still and quiet, and mostly were. The hogs were apparently unfazed because they continued eating.

They like the allotment and rhymes, and so I am the Plantiest Auntiest. I have plans to rope them in to make insect shelters from sunflower canes, but they’re still so young they aren’t hugely helpful.

I shall be buying them a book about hedgehogs as soon as the photos have uploaded… Singing to hedgehogs… 🙂


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