I Can Be Bought With Flowers

If I met whomever invented the hand-tied bouquet, or the inventor of the collapsible vase, I’d snog them full on the mouths. Seriously, if you’re as rubbish as I always have been with flowers, whilst simultaneously really liking them, the hand-tied bouquet was a revelation. Everything looks good in a florist, but I can guarantee that it’s perfectly easy to transform that into something much less elegant in a matter of moments. Add the collapsible vase and you can just leave it alone, with little more than remembering to add more water.

I’ve cried over flower arrangements. Daft, I know, but I have never ever been able to get it right – vase size wrong, proportions out or, often, not enough flowers to accomplish what I wanted. Not last night, though. Last night I managed to take a really very pretty bouquet I’d been given, and get it in a vase without ruining either in the process.

Today I took the flowers into the light to take some pictures. I now have sunflowers (photos) to the left of me and gerberas to the right. It’s torturing me not to go and cut a bit off the hedge for a ‘stuck in the middle with yew’ photo…


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