Even More Music For Doing Stuff

I am recently re-immersing myself in music, after a break of several months, and since I’m starting to do stuff once more, it’s about time that I updated my anthology, which combines the two.

Hozier’s lovely Take Me To Church is a recent discovery, heard at the end of an episode of The Leftovers. It’s the first thing I’d heard in ages that made me go looking for it before it’d even finished playing. It was one of the first few things I’d actually liked in months. I’m hooked, and if this doesn’t get me baking again then I don’t know what will.

Work Song, as the name implies, lends itself perfectly to restoring order to a trashed kitchen. Especially good for scrubbing floors and you won’t care that it takes twice as long as it normally would.

Speaking of which, I was recently reminded what a great song Roar is for scrubbing kitchen worktops. They’ve sparkled more brightly ever since. I found myself singing along to it the other week, much to my surprise. As a result, there will need to be more of that. (I might have just bought Katy Perry’s album, Prism, among other things.) This is How We Do is clearly an excellent one for all sorts of tasks, but has been fully tested and approved for use with making risotto, laundry-folding and ironing. Save Firework for the crappiest stuff you have to do. Just don’t play it while on a step ladder: that ceiling’s lower than you think.

I should remember to play Aloe Blacc’s acoustic version of Wake Me Up when I wake up, but always forget because I’ve just woken up. Instead, Here Today makes a good one for getting through mountains of hand washing up without wishing for the sweet embrace of Death, which is quite the result, really. Cleaning under the sofa cushions wouldn’t be the same unless accompanied by I Need A Dollar. Bonus points for finding children or small animals, preferably your own.

Night-time culinary marathons work surprisingly well with a bit of Miley – or perhaps sleep deprivation gets the better of me. In any case, We Can’t Stop will see you through sauces that fail to thicken for what feels like forever, reductions which aren’t, and anything else where pushing through is the only sensible solution. Just remember what your spoon’s been sitting in when you flip it into action or your surreptitious dance moves and sing-along will come to an abrupt end as you leave a tomatoey spatter-mark on the ceiling, worthy of any episode of CSI. It’s fine, it’ll clean – and you needed to repaint anyway. This is our house, etc. 😉

If you’ve not had enough of her, ideally you’d go and de-construct a shed or knock down a party wall with extreme prejudice, while belting out Wrecking Ball, but obviously that happens only once in a while. Better to play her Backyard Sessions cover of Jolene loudly while cleaning the bathroom. It’s fine, nobody will ever know if you join in…

My house is increasingly ordered, the freezer is filling up and my ears are happier: good results all round, then. To be continued…


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