Doing it Properly. (Sort of.)

I managed to get up to the allotment almost every day last week, but have almost entirely failed to take any more pictures because I’m always visiting during the increasingly short bit of daylight between me finishing work and sunset. I’ll try to take some this week.

SAM_1225The raised bed with the sunflowers and the golden courgettes has now been watered deeply and had a liquid feed too. I felt they sort of deserved it, having done so very well under my ‘plant and abandon’ system of care. There’s a second flower opening on one of the sunflowers but it’s a scrawny thing and not a patch on the others which have appeared in my garden. You can see a photo of that – I’ve taken more than a few.

The golden courgettes are covered in small courgettes so it’s just a case of seeing which ones grow. Giving everything more light and air will have helped. I cut 10 very large courgettes the first time, so I’m expecting a pause before they produce anything else.

Early last week, my father decided to surprise me by filling the second raised bed with compost and a pretend hedgehog, which I hid under the giant courgette leaves of the original bed, to keep it safe from the allotment garden ornament thieves.

I’ve been growing leeks from seed in tubs in my garden and have transplanted about 13 of them to the new bed, puddling them in as very ably demonstrated here. It amuses me that I’ve created a sort of pop-up allotment, with nothing there one day and properly established plants in there the next. I will try to do better next year.

1410371890801Apparently it’s been a good year for pumpkins. The neighbour with the enormous pumpkins apparently did nothing special, and had never grown them before. He’s now got a plot containing nothing but four enormous pumpkins. One threw a vine up over his fruit cage. He didn’t think to move it and now there’s a pumpkin the size of a small car, sitting up high and visible right across the allotment. Mine have languished in small pots for too long, but I’ve chucked them in some ground and hopefully they’ll at least produce some more flowers. I might get Christmas pumpkins… 😉

The Tomatoes Which Will Not Die are being watered more regularly and are still not dead.

Update: I realised another couple of sunflower heads had opened today and took some photos on my phone. I will definitely take my camera and get there earlier tomorrow. Until then…



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