The very next day.

Two days in a row – this is a new personal best! Yup, I’ve been back to the allotment and pulled more weeds, tied up some tomatoes and taken some photos of things I spotted.

First, having weeded the area around the raised bed completely, I have found the bed itself is 100% weed-free. Very pleased with that.

Having done that, and a load more weeding, I then attended to the tomatoes in the polytunnel. I cut back some bits that won’t do anything this year and watered them, for about the fourth time since planting them. I’ll go back tomorrow with some liquid feed – I feel they’ve earned it.

Then I took some photos of things on my plot.

Before I left, I also snapped some of the other things nearby which caught my eye. The pumpkins are absurd – and far bigger than anything else I’ve seen growing. Clearly someone who uses a ‘method’.

The plan is to go back tomorrow and carry on, feed everything and maybe get that second bed filled. Until then…



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