How Not to do an Allotment Part 2

If you haven’t read and ignored all my instructions from part one, then go back and read it immediately. You’re not remotely unprepared enough to fail at allotmenteering. If, however, you’ve been there and not done that, read on.

June and we did actually accomplish something. Obviously that was rectified by then immediately neglecting it again, but here are some photos of what it looked liked then.

“With any luck I can have some beds made and veg in the ground by the weekend.”

Well, it’s good to have ambitions. I actually got things in the ground about 3 weekends later in mid-July: a few golden courgettes and some sunflowers. My sister and her fiancé kindly made me a couple of raised beds, using pallets and stuff I’d gathered.

August will see a heatwave. Do not set foot on your allotment. Do not water the tomatoes in the polytunnel – it’s so hot your face is melting. They’ll definitely be dead.

September, and you finally get back up there. This is when you remember that plants are tough, which is one of the reasons you like them.

Not a metaphor.

Not a metaphor.

Start clearing again and resolve to go back in the morning.

The tomatoes in the polytunnel are still not dead.


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