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I Can Be Bought With Flowers

If I met whomever invented the hand-tied bouquet, or the inventor of the collapsible vase, I’d snog them full on the mouths. Seriously, if you’re as rubbish as I always have been with flowers, whilst simultaneously really liking them, the … Continue reading

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Even More Music For Doing Stuff

I am recently re-immersing myself in music, after a break of several months, and since I’m starting to do stuff once more, it’s about time that I updated my anthology, which combines the two. Hozier’s lovely Take Me To Church is a … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Sun(flower)

I went to the allotment and assisted (held things) while someone who knows about these things taught me how to make a rectangular or square raised bed.* The wooden slats I saved from my old bed have now come together … Continue reading

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Using Home-Grown Tomatoes: Roast Tomato Sauce

Having planted 12 tomato plants this year in grow bags and ring culture pots around my garden, I’ve been picking a lot of tomatoes recently. The two main varieties I’ve grown are Gardener’s Delight and Moneymaker. The former provides loads of large … Continue reading

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Red Onion Marmalade

Last year I made my first ever foray into preserving, with a rather nice caramelised red onion chutney. I say “rather nice”, but at the time (a month after I made it) I wasn’t totally convinced. My daughter and her … Continue reading

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Doing it Properly. (Sort of.)

I managed to get up to the allotment almost every day last week, but have almost entirely failed to take any more pictures because I’m always visiting during the increasingly short bit of daylight between me finishing work and sunset. I’ll try to … Continue reading

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Things in my Garden, Part 2.

I have continued to pay attention to and appreciate the small things – and the sunflower, which is continuing to grow and throw up new flower heads. Whilst not taking these pictures, I’ve been harvesting tomatoes, which I’ve then roasted … Continue reading

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