Magic Beans and other Legumes

Lovely leaves

Lovely leaves

A fortnight ago I planted some magic beans. Well, speckled ones, anyway, but my niece thought they were probably full of magic and so I’ve been sending her photos every day since the seedlings first broke through the soil a few days ago. We’re both  just as entranced by them and even my knowledge of what’s actually happening doesn’t diminish the enjoyment I get from it. My nephew is keen that I hurry up and grow carrots because he has just discovered that he likes them. That and apples, which I’ll leave until I’m rather more confident with where the allotment is going.

I like to grow things – I seem to be able to do reasonably well with them. I wasn’t sure whether growing things from seed would be as interesting as bringing on the young plants I’ve been given before, but I’ve enjoyed it and will be doing much more of it as the weeks pass. I get a childish delight from seeing the progress and trying things to influence it.


Greenshaft Peas

Greenshaft Peas

The bottle growhouse was a success, although I suspect I’d have seen faster results if I had covered the open neck. I’m less convinced by using cardboard toilet roll tubes for plants such as peas and beans: everything I’ve tried in them has taken longer to germinate and seems less healthy than the ones grown in my self-watering pots. It might need warmer weather/more sun. The tubes are damp and some of them have developed some mould, which means I’ve done something wrong somewhere. It’s led to all sorts of reshuffling and stuff which started off on the south side of the house has been moved around as I find out the positions that seem to suit each thing the best.

Peas are pretty

Peas are pretty

The other thing I’ve learned is that some things are better off being left alone and don’t like repotting: peas and beans apparently falling into that category. I very carefully repotted the peas from the drinks bottle pots as they were getting tall enough to need support. Even so, the odd French bean had a problem with its move and went a bit wibbly over night. They’re all perked up again today, though, so that’s all fine, and they’re outside in the grow house, having been hardened off in my porch first. My house does rather resemble a plant nursery at the moment. Knowing that I need to sow into larger pots has added to the challenge in my tiny house. The sooner we get into spring the better: I can start harnessing the south-facing garden to grow stuff in the beds and grow houses.

I was delighted to find today that my digitalis has germinated. The tiny seeds have produced tiny seedlings which I can’t even capture with my camera in any detail. I was rather giving up hope on them, but they seem to have suddenly burst into life today. The parsley has also appeared, as have the first tiny Ox-Eye daisy seedlings. This month sees the beginning of sowing in earnest and I’m looking forward to finding more corners for things, and getting them out in the garden before they get too big. This is where a polytunnel comes in really handy – it can all go in there if the weather is horribly wet or cold when it needs to be planted.

I really do need to get that new raised bed out of my house and into the garden – I need the space. 🙂



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One Response to Magic Beans and other Legumes

  1. susiebeans says:

    Hi xx As you know I live in the North East (femme d here!) I always plant straight into ground. Three beans around each cane on the wigwam and discard the weakling. Loved your niece’s wonderment at them being magic beans – if only!
    Susannah x

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