Making Wax Melts From Recycled Candles

Ages ago I melted down the wax from an old pillar candle and stuck it in a jam jar until I could decide what to do with it. I decided what to do with it: home made wax melts to use in my new burner.

Wax burner

A wax burner.

For the uninitiated, wax melts are simply blocks or shapes of scented wax which you stick in an oil burner and melt with a tea light to release the fragrance.  They have the massive advantage over using oil in water in that they won’t spit, boil dry or form a nasty layer of gunk in the burner.  When the tea light goes out, the wax solidifies and can be used again.  When it stops giving off scent you just let it solidify then stick the burner in the freezer for half an hour or so and the wax will just drop out into your hand as it shrinks away from the sides.

You can buy wax melts but they aren’t especially cheap, so I thought I’d have a go at my own.  Firstly, don’t store your wax in a jam jar because you have to get it back out again. It took a while to melt, but eventually I got there. I added a few drops of burner oil to the melted wax and poured it into cupcake cases. I let them set and then stuck them in a jar, as you do.

One jar of wax melts made from a recycled pillar candle.

One jar of wax melts made from a recycled pillar candle.

Another time, I’d use silicone bun cases for this, as the paper ones are a bit fiddly to remove. All in all, though, it wasn’t a bad first attempt and I’ll try it again some time.

To remove wax from container candles once they’ve burned down, stick them in the freezer too. I left various jar candles in there over night and found the wax much easier to remove and the jars don’t seem to be a problem.  You can save the removed wax in plastic food bags and then melt them in a wax burner too.  I managed to extend the life of a couple of Yankee candles for ages by just re-melting the wax from the bottom of the jar.


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