New things

Having not published anything in weeks, I thought I should break the silence.  It’s been a busy few months what with one thing and another, but my grandmother’s back home now and things are a bit quieter now.

So, things… I have lots to do. The garden needs tidying up for the winter because that didn’t happen in the autumn and there are things to be planted both there and on the allotment.  Despite my fears that the UK storms were going to leave me with not much more than a polytunnel frame, I found it still standing when I went there last weekend.

I have guttering now. This is a good thing.

I have guttering now. This is a good thing.

My sister and I dug the top bed while her boyfriend kindly put up some heavy-duty guttering to save rainwater into barrels. The blue thing in the photo was something the previous occupant left and I’ll need a more permanent solution but it will do to start with.

I have fruit bushes to plant on the plot: black currants, tayberries, red currants and gooseberries.  I also have some blueberries which I’ll try sticking in containers at home because apparently they’re fussy and need ericaceous compost and acidic soil. I should be able to soak them, stick them in the ground and then largely leave them to it for the rest of the cold season. My kind of gardening. 🙂

In addition to the stuff which needs planting outdoors, I have a load of seeds to propagate at home.  By the time I am finished this weekend, I am hoping to have beans (various varieties), peas, tomatoes and leeks all sown into pots and trays, as well as some herbs people have asked me to grow. In a couple of weeks, there will be another load of stuff to start off so it’s all starting.

More later. Really. 🙂


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  1. Lucky you – would love an allotment, or the time to keep one!

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