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January Garden/Allotment Stuff

I’ve been busy growing things this month: hoping that stuff won’t get too tall and spindly before I can get it planted. I haven’t really grown much from seed before, although I’ve brought on plenty of young plants I’ve been … Continue reading

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Recycled Tin Can Tea Light Holders / Grow House Heaters

As is so often the case, I forgot to put the bin out today.  It didn’t especially matter because it is the recycling collection week and I’ve been trying to generate less of that lately.  I’m saving milk bottles to … Continue reading

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Making Wax Melts From Recycled Candles

Ages ago I melted down the wax from an old pillar candle and stuck it in a jam jar until I could decide what to do with it. I decided what to do with it: home made wax melts to use … Continue reading

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New Old Tricks

During the period henceforth to be known as The Great Silence of 2013 (because it’s easier than listing the things that combined to just get in the way of stuff) I learned some things. I’ve not had much time or … Continue reading

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January: When I Try to be Organised

I gave up on New Year’s resolutions long ago: nobody ever keeps them and I’ve saved valuable time by not bothering to make the first month of the year suck more than it already does. What with everyone being broke … Continue reading

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New things

Having not published anything in weeks, I thought I should break the silence.  It’s been a busy few months what with one thing and another, but my grandmother’s back home now and things are a bit quieter now. So, things… … Continue reading

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