I might not be rubbish at drawing…

Not being able to draw anything beyond fairly bad stick figures has irritated me my whole life. My family’s full of artists and try as I might, I’ve never been able to get it. To be fair, I haven’t dedicated any great time to trying and only had a year of ‘proper’ art lessons before having to drop it at GCSE. But I still felt I should be able to produce a quick scribble of something that didn’t look like it was created when Picasso was having a particularly bad day.

Card Fail

Not one of my grandfather’s beautiful hand-drawn efforts.

I wanted to do what my paternal grandfather did, and draw cards and write on them with beautiful calligraphy. I got quite good at the latter, but the artwork always let it down horribly and nothing ever made it past the planning stage. Just like every single Blue Peter project I ever attempted, the picture in my head did not bear much resemblance to the epic fail that sat in front of me.

Technology has provided at least a partial solution in the form of this, a drawing programme that allows me to make hundreds of errors without stuffing up the entire thing or wearing a hole in the paper. 🙂 I’m a bit pleased – and have loads of ideas of things I can do. Jam labelling just got a whole lot less boring, for a start.

I’d love to be able to give stuff as gifts but the finish is what always lets me down. It’d be fun to be able to personalise stuff and give people their own jars. Again, technology moving on helps here; I could have printed something using clip art or photos but the last time I tried, the only option was to print onto a normal label, which would cause the ink to run when wet. The sites that will allow me to have an individual t-shirt, mug, or whatever, now exist and, so as long as I can produce a decent image, it should look good. (I definitely want to do t-shirts. I hate almost everything in the shops and would love to design a couple of my own, just for fun.)

The sort of thing my father might get. #revenge

The sort of thing my father might get. #revenge

Now, while I’m quietly pleased with how deliberately bad the first two are, I couldn’t produce anything even to that standard on paper. I have tried a few tutorials on DrawPlus, though, and have done my own project: copying a small ornament that sits on my desk.

I naively thought I was done, for about 30 seconds. Nothing's ever going to be done, is it?

I naïvely thought I was done, for about 30 seconds. Nothing’s ever going to be done, is it?

Somewhat tragically, this is the single best thing I’ve ever drawn in my life. No wonder I never saw my stuff in The Gallery on Take Hart

This is the second best thing: my copy of a frog cartoon, which was actually the first thing I drew – copying a tutorial video.

My very first vector drawing that actually looked like the thing it was meant to be. :)

My very first vector drawing that actually looked like the thing it was meant to be.

I’m looking forward to being able to illustrate things rather more now, instead of having to pay somebody else to create the things I want. So it’s perhaps not so much that I was rubbish at drawing and maybe a bit more that I just hadn’t quite discovered the right medium. 🙂


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