Stream of Consciousness Cinnamon Honey Fruit Cake

I saw a truck this morning with the word ‘Wisbech’ emblazoned on the back, which made me think of Still Crazy: a 1998 film about a band whose musical dreams were shattered when lightning struck the stage during their opening number at the Wisbech Rock Festival. The band in question was called Strange Fruit, and you can see them performing All Over The World, below. (I find it more than a little disturbing that Bill Nighy manages to look far better in eyeliner than any man his age has a right to.)

Anyway, strange fruit: obviously that made me think of Dan Lepard’s recipe for Cinnamon Honey Fruit Cake. Well, I imagine it would have triggered the same thought process in anyone. It’s got figs and/or prunes in it and they’re strange things to stick in a cake: at least for me who’s never done it before. Sadly, I don’t keep dried figs in the house, or dried apricots, so unless I fancy a midnight supermarket run (which I still might) it may have to wait until Tuesday night before I can actually give it a try. I am tempted, though, since I have the other 10 things I need and the right size of cake tin and that almost never happens.

I don’t have a great track record with fruit cakes but am determined to emerge victorious from this war. I’m just not entirely sure how long the conflict’s going to last or how messy it’ll be.

At least the bloody thing won’t need icing…


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