I Have an Allotment Now

I’m beyond pleased. After quite a wait while everyone tried to ascertain whether there was any risk to health from using a plot that’s housed chickens for 15 years, I finally got the green light and went and signed the tenancy agreement on Friday.

This morning I went down there with dad, to see what I’d actually got once the pen and various other things had been cleared. I think I’ve done very well out of this.

This was a chicken coop a month ago. Now it's where I can make tea and rest.

This was a chicken coop a month ago. Now it’s where I can make tea and rest.

The previous tenant seems to have disinfected the coop/shed for me already and left me a load of tools and a wheelbarrow, which is great because I needed all that. He’s even left gloves, hoses and buckets, all of which will be really useful.


I’m very glad that I don’t need to buy/acquire any of this stuff now.

I have a polytunnel now, too. I hadn’t seen inside it before today.

It's not pretty, but it's sound enough and structurally it's very good.

It’s not pretty, but it’s sound enough and structurally it’s very good.

It smells of cruciferous veg which has been allowed to quietly go horrid but the first thing I’ll be doing tomorrow is getting that all pulled out, and I’ll try and air and clean the plastic a bit.

There's a lot of clearing up to do.

There’s a lot of clearing up to do. It shouldn’t take too long, though.

I shall take supplies of water and tea-making stuff and will spend as long as I can there tomorrow and see how much of a difference I can make. I’m looking forward to the challenge. 🙂


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