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Caramelised Red Onion Chutney: a qualified success

A while ago I posted about making my first ever chutney: a caramelised red onion one. The recipe said to leave it for a month or more to allow the flavour to mature, before trying it, and today I realised … Continue reading

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Baking Bits and Bobs: Seeded Bread and a Spiced Fruit Bread and Butter Pudding

I said that I fancied making a bread and butter pudding with some of the spiced fruit loaf I baked. Since it already had a reasonable amount of fruit in it, I thought I’d try a variation on my usual recipe, … Continue reading

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Allotment Update: Before the Storm

We had a bit of a storm here the other day, which caused some damage to parts of the country, although it was generally not as bad as forecast. Ahead of the storm, which was receiving almost constant news coverage, … Continue reading

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Updated: Musical Anthology (with guidance notes)

A while ago I posted a page of music that goes well with stuff, complete with notes on appropriate application. I say stuff – it’s mainly baking at the moment, but Network Rail have written to me to say that the … Continue reading

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Recipe: Bread Machine Spiced Fruit Loaf

I feel a bit cheaty doing a post about a bread machine loaf, given that it’s rather more a programming thing, in my book, than proper baking. That said, it does make a lovely fruit loaf, which I feel should be … Continue reading

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Success! Russet Apple Compote & Scones

On my way back from the allotment at the weekend I called in to my local shop to grab some milk and made a lucky find of a fridge full of perfectly edible fruit and veg, reduced to pennies. I … Continue reading

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Winging It: Emergency Stock Creation

Emergency stock? Well, yes: the stock you need to rustle up when you suddenly realise that you promised your Nan some homemade soup to take home with her and her eyes lit up but you’ve just considered that cardiac patients … Continue reading

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