The Allotment

I am getting an allotment plot. I only put my name down a few months ago, but am fortunate that one has come up. It hasn’t had anything grown on it in 15 years because chickens have been kept there; the soil (which was free of weeds) has been rotavated and it’s all just ready for me to start growing things. There’s also a properly big polytunnel which, although needing work, provides me with something to keep me busy in the winter. I already have two walk-in greenhouses to put inside it for winter growing.

Stealth veg, only just discovered on a plant I didn't think was doing anything. Shows what I know.

Stealth veg, only just discovered on a plant I didn’t think was doing anything. Shows what I know.

My garden is very small and I want to grow far more stuff than space allows, even using tubs and baskets. My plan is that if I get this right, I should be able, in a year or so, to be able to generate some sort of veg which can be fed to my enthusiastic family, preserved and so on. My sisters seem keen to be involved, as do other family members, and I like the idea of it being a collaborative thing that we can all do. Of course I am prepared to be left to feed and walk the puppy myself: I won’t be agreeing to anything that I don’t think I could handle on my own if people lose interest when it gets cold and horrible.

I have lots of ideas, but I want to design (yes, me: design, should be hilarious) an area where I can grow all sorts of veg (using companion planting where possible to control pests) and fruit and flowers and teach the various small people in my life about why this sort of thing is important. Besides, children like mud and there will be a lot of that.

I am told that above all else there must be daisies. I think I can manage that.

I am told that above all else there must be daisies. I think I can manage that.

I’ve been adding to a Pinterest board of projects that might be good to try with the kids, who range from 3 to 21 in age and belong to various people I know. They are very excited about it and I have them making me lists of the things they would like to grow with me on the allotment. Not all of them are garden/allotment projects, there’s some other stuff in there too – stuff I thought looked fun but would be weird to do on my own. 🙂

My niece and nephew were particularly keen that they should fill the plot with garden gnomes. I may allow them one small corner of the polytunnel to turn into the sort of thing that’ll give me nightmares. Oh, and I have to go and find out what you do with a cold frame.


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2 Responses to The Allotment

  1. Nils Ling says:

    Awesome. I think it will turn into a wonderful way to spend your time!

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