Bottle Greenhouses

My niece’s school is currently collecting plastic drinks bottles (the 2 litre-type you get fizzy drinks in) to make a plastic greenhouse for the school garden. Having never heard of such a thing, I went looking and found this, which tells you all about it.

Since you need somewhere in the region of 2,000 bottles to make a greenhouse, I don’t think I’ll be building my own just yet, but have promised to try making a plastic bottle cold frame, which is much smaller. In the interests of full disclosure I should admit that I may not be entirely sure what to do with a cold frame but I’ll work that out by the time it’s done.

Having found the greenhouse thing, I then found actual houses and all sorts of stuff made from re-used PET bottles.  It looks pretty cool and am toying with whether I could use some of the ‘solid’ wall techniques on the allotment plot I’m getting.

Thinking about re-using plastic bottles always makes me think of Alfredo Moser and his incredible bottle light. I’m in awe of this man for creating something so beautifully simple that it’s been adopted all over the world. Here’s what he did…


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