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Digression: I Am From

This isn’t the sort of thing I will usually do, but it’s to help out a good friend who teaches people important stuff and thought this old meme might be useful as part of a lesson plan. Normal service will … Continue reading

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My First Chutney: Caramelised Red Onion

I’ve been using stuff up in a mammoth few days of cooking, Part I of which can be found here. My fridge and veg cupboard were/are full of stuff that needs using up through cooking and freezing. I’m now tackling the kilo … Continue reading

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Recipe: Parsnip & Rosemary Risotto

This risotto is very simple and cheap to make, makes loads, freezes well and is easy to reheat. It can be entirely vegetarian, which can be a handy thing to have under your belt if a vegetarian somehow gets themselves … Continue reading

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Recipe: Roasted Tomato & Fennel Soup

Do not fear fennel for, as I’ve recently discovered, it’s nice and not scary, despite looking like one of the evolutionary stages of a Pokémon. The strong aniseed smell you get when it’s raw seems to disappear after cooking. This … Continue reading

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Adventures in Cooking: Using Stuff Up Part I

A while ago my daughter told me about one of her friends cooking dried pasta for the first time ever at uni and going to Google for instructions, rather than knowing to read the packet. Lots of people can’t cook … Continue reading

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The Allotment

I am getting an allotment plot. I only put my name down a few months ago, but am fortunate that one has come up. It hasn’t had anything grown on it in 15 years because chickens have been kept there; … Continue reading

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A Brief Experiment: Recycling Candle Stubs

As part of my research into the perfect home-made, natural fire-lighter, I came across the idea of using melted wax. I like burning scented candles and it seemed like it might be a good way to do something with the … Continue reading

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